. . .My Mind Unleashed. . . I say not goodbye, but goodnight. For goodbye means we are both leaving and goodnight means only I am going away.
My name's Sarah and I live in the slightly deranged, but supposedly free land known as the U.S. of A. Music is where I get the air to breathe and where I find my freedom. This blog is dedicated to a lot of things including my darkest shadows. You'll find the revealed secrets of my mind, the brokenness of my heart and the strength of my soul. You'll find me and all of the chapters of my unfinished story. If you decide to go on this journey with me I promise to always help you across the bridges and hold your hand when you're afraid you'll fall. And I'll do my best to make the rest of your chapters be pleasant ones. Enjoy the adventure, Lovelies. ♥


"You are probably going to be a very successful computer person. But you’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an asshole.”

The Social Network (2010) dir. David Fincher


Chris Ramsey calling out Katie Hopkins for her views on fat people.


*squats down to look in the refrigerator* fitness

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Anime blog: *text post making fun of anime*

no one hates anime as much as the people who watch anime




when you masturbate twice on the same day


When you finger yourself while masturbating


when you try to suck your dick and you break your ribs


Daan Van Der Deen by Darren Black