. . .My Mind Unleashed. . . I say not goodbye, but goodnight. For goodbye means we are both leaving and goodnight means only I am going away.
My name's Sarah and I live in the slightly deranged, but supposedly free land known as the U.S. of A. Music is where I get the air to breathe and where I find my freedom. This blog is dedicated to a lot of things including my darkest shadows. You'll find the revealed secrets of my mind, the brokenness of my heart and the strength of my soul. You'll find me and all of the chapters of my unfinished story. If you decide to go on this journey with me I promise to always help you across the bridges and hold your hand when you're afraid you'll fall. And I'll do my best to make the rest of your chapters be pleasant ones. Enjoy the adventure, Lovelies. ♥


it’s me and the bae

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The ‘skin writing’ art of Ariana Paige Russel.Of her condition Russel says — “My skin is very sensitive and I blush easily. I have dermatographia, a condition in which one’s immune system releases excessive amounts of histamine, causing capillaries to dilate and welts to appear (lasting about thirty minutes) when the hypersensitive skin’s surface is lightly scratched. This allows me to painlessly draw on my skin with just enough time to photograph the results. Even though I can direct this ephemeral response by drawing on it, the reaction is involuntary, much like the uncontrollable nature of a blush.”

Am I having a heart attack or is a lung collapsing
Either way goodbye cruel world

Reblog if you’re insecure with how you look.


The amount of notes on this makes me sad.



Guys just LOOK AT HIM

Irl Poochyena!